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People Demanding Democracy

Bahraini Opposition Returns Massively to Fields
Local Editor – Al-Manar

The Bahraini opposition announced organizing a massive rally Friday which will take off from Janosan Roundabout to Saar Roundabout under the slogan “People Demanding Democracy”.

BahrainThe opposition stressed that the call is an acitvation to the right of demonstrating, and invited everyone to return to the fields and join the masses under the slogan “People are the Source of Decision”.

Moreover, as it pointed out that “protests and peaceful calls for democracy and freedom and are a basic and legitimate right ensured by international conventions and treaties, and by the natural human right,” it assured that “people will stick to their demands and the peaceful movement which they presented great sacrifices for, and on top were the martyrs who gave their souls to transform Bahrain into a field of freedom, democracy and dignity.”

In a related context, Bahrain Forum for Human Rights accused the Bahraini authorities of terrorizing citizens even with the presence of the human rights international delegation in the country.

The forum added that “the Bahraini officials’ statement, starting with the prime minister to the interior minister when meeting with the delegation, that Bahrain is a democratic, reformatory country that respects rights and ensures freedom is a political falsity.

In a statement, it demanded the international community and the international rights assemblies to end any kind of cooperation with the Bahraini government, as it has no respect for the international rights organizations. …more

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