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Bahrain Prisoners of Conscience Coalition – threats, abuse and intimidation

Bahrain Prisoners of Conscience Coalition under threats and intimidation
EA World View – 29 November, 2012

Bahrain. On Tuesday, political prisoners in Bahrain released a statement announcing the formation of a the Prisoners of Conscience Coalition, a new movement to demand rights from behind bars. The statement was shared online by leading activist Zainab AlKhawaja.

Alkhawaja alleges today that, shortly after the statement’s release, authorities reacted with hostility towards the prisoners:

angry arabiya @angryarabiya Less than 15 mins after the statement was released police attacked bldg 3, ransacking cells beating some prisoners #bahrain #HeroesinChains 29 Nov 12 [twitter]

angry arabiya @angryarabiya The prisoners stood strong, hand in hand, chanting, their voices could be heard outside the prison walls #bahrain #HeroesinChains 29 Nov 12 [twitter]

According to Zainab, this morning “an officer from public prosecution met with the prisoners”, asking for their demands. However, when the officer left, Zainab claims that “riot police surrounded the building, preparing to attack”. Some prisoners in building 3, where inmates were reportedly threatened two days ago, have allegedly been taken to solitary confinement. Families of prisoners in the building have also not had any contact with them. …source

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