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Gaza Resistance Strikes on “Israeli” Targets

Arabic Newspapers Highlight Resistance Strikes on “Israeli” Targets
16 November, 2012 – Local Editor – moqawama.com

The Zionist regime was the highlight of Arabic newspapers issued today, stressing on the distinctive progress of Palestinian resistance strikes on “Israeli” targets.

The resistance is facing extensive raids on the Gaza strip daily, and yet al-Qassam Brigades declared having struck down an “Israeli” drone.

“The Zionist forces, on the second day of their second massacre on Gaza, had made a series of raids in the last 24 hours, which led to 16 Palestinian martyrs and 155 injured, mostly women and children,” Dar al-Khaleej Emirati newspaper mentioned.

It also reported, “The Zionist entity admitted to more than 250 rockets hitting targets and settlements, including Tel Aviv, also al-Qassam Brigades hit an “Israeli” warplane with a land-to-air missiles.” The brigades also bombed Tel Aviv with ‘Fajr 5′ missiles as well as two local projectiles.

Moreover, the newspaper recounted that al-Quds (Jerusalem) units, the armed alley of the Jihadist Movement, declared bombing Tel Aviv with ‘Fajr 5′ missiles, and said it would distribute a video of the bombing to media.

Official Arab Movements

Furthermore, as-Shorouk Egyptian newspaper published the statement of the official spokesman of the Egyptian Presidency, Yasser Ali.

Yasser Ali stated that Egypt is handling many major center-points to halt “Israeli” aggressions and violations against the Palestinians, including the diplomatic action with all active parties in the Arab region and the world.

“The second center-point is seeking the action of international organizations, such as the Security Council and the Arab League. The third is calming matters down and focusing on humanitarian aid,” Ali added. He further announced PM Hisham Qandil’s near visit to Gaza with a high-ranked delegation, Egypt’s support of the Palestinians in Gaza, and hasty supply of aids to the region.

Likewise, Okaz newspaper pointed out that the Saudi king Abdullah bin Abdulaziz received a phone call from Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi, discussing the ties of these two neighboring countries’ and the escalation of events in Palestine. The king then answered that matters must cool down, and that impulsiveness mustn’t prevail over insight.

However, al-Raya Qatari newspaper mentioned a phone call made by Qatar’s Emir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani to the Egyptian President, where they discussed “the tragic conditions of the Palestinians from the “Israeli” aggression, and the methods to immediately stop this offensive.”

Al-Hayat newspaper reported that the “Palestinians achieved moral victories on Thursday in its war with “Israel” when it bombarded Tel Aviv and fired qualitative missiles like ‘Fajr 5′, and when the “Israeli” Channel 10 broadcasted images of Benyamin Netanyahu leaving his office to head to shelter.”

According to al-Hayat, the “Israeli” media spoke of an Egyptian proposal to restore ease, while it cited from military sources that the ongoing shelling of Tel Aviv will oblige the “Israeli” army to a ground invasion on Friday (today), although 105 out of 250 missiles targeting “Israel” were intercepted.

The Egyptian proposal, as al-Hayat reported, handles two points;

1- Both parties must seize fire
2- And give time for Egypt to prepare a package of mutual agreements.

“Israel” is not entirely eager to this proposal, political sources stated, and wishes to add conditions like halting weapon smuggling and production.

On a similar note, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported that UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon will pay a visit to the occupied land next Tuesday, including al-Quds (Jerusalem) and Ramallah.

In his visit, Ki-Moon will meet “Israeli” PM Benyamin Netanyahu, War Minister Ehud Barack, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, and President of Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas.

Gaza will not be included in the visit schedule, the newspaper added.

Yedioth Ahronoth also mentioned that French President Francois Hollande began talks with Netanyahu to avoid escalating violence in Gaza on Thursday. …source

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