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Ex-Blair aide helps set-up success for Bahrain Reformers

While Bahrain’s Anti-regime Opposition languishes in Prison the UKs ‘Good Friday’ John Powell is training the “Pro-reform Opposition” in another Regime Charade of self preservation. Those Western consultants love lining their pockets with al-Khalifa dollars from rent on NSA Bahrain. Phlipn Out.

Jonathan Powell’s NGO has organised meetings for Bahraini government and opposition, applying lessons of Northern Ireland

Ex-Blair aide advising Bahrain on conflict resolution
30 October, 2012 – guardian.co.uk

Bahraini government and opposition figures are being trained in negotiation and conflict resolution techniques by Tony Blair’s former chief of staff Jonathan Powell, the Guardian can reveal.

Powell, who played a key role in securing the Good Friday agreement in Northern Ireland in 1998, was asked to undertake the work when Bahrain approached the UK Foreign Office for help with implementing the recommendations of an independent report on the Gulf state’s unrest last year.

Since leaving government in 2007 Powell has run InterMediate, a small NGO working on conflicts across the world. According to sources in Manama, Powell’s team has organised a series of discreet meetings in London and Northern Ireland for Bahraini officials and opposition figures, applying the lessons of the province’s sectarian divide in a Middle Eastern context.

A spokesman for InterMediate said that for reasons of confidentiality it does not comment on any of its projects, and refused to confirm or deny that it was involved in Bahrain. He stressed that as a matter of principle the charity does not accept funding from the government of any country in which it works.

Bahrain is known for employing expensive western PR agencies to present its case. It also buys security expertise. Last year it secured the services of John Yates, the former Metropolitan police commisioner, who is an adviser to the interior ministry. Another adviser is John Timoney, a former Miami police chief.

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