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Justice or fair trials not in store for accused in policemans death – surprising few foreign mercenaries hurt or killed given the scale of violence they inflict on Bahrain Villages

Dramatic footage of deadly attack
By Sandeep Singh Grewal- 21 October, 2012

SEVEN suspects have been arrested in connection with a bomb explosion in Eker that killed a policeman and left another critically injured. The Interior Ministry Crime Detection and Forensic Science directorate yesterday confirmed “legal procedures” were being taken against the suspects.

The arrests came as police released video footage of Friday’s explosion, which killed 19-year-old Imran Ahmed Mohammed, an officer of the Interior Ministry’s Special Security Force Command.

One of his colleagues, a Yemeni, suffered serious injuries in the attack and remains in a critical condition in hospital.

It happened at around 1am as they were on routine patrol.

The video shows a group of youths gathering to attack police and shining laser guns at a police helicopter. A Molotov cocktail is thrown at Mr Mohammed but misses and seconds later what appears to be a homemade explosive thrown in his direction blows up on a set of football goalposts.

Mr Mohammed then bends down as if he is trying to pick something up and the explosion erupts. Several of his colleagues then run towards him to try and help him.

Mr Mohammed is survived by his parents and four sisters, Afshan, 22, Batool, 17, Zainab, 15, and Fatima, 14.

It is the second tragedy for his family in four months as the policeman’s elder brother Mohammed Azhar, 26, also a policeman, was killed in an accident near Safra as he drove to work in June. The teenager’s cousin Kashif Ahmed Mandhour, another policeman, was also killed by anti-government protesters after being run over by a car near the former Pearl (GCC) Roundabout.

Minister of State for Human Rights Affairs Dr Salah Ali yesterday condemned the terrorist attack on policemen while they were performing their duties.

He said violence and terrorism have nothing to do with democratic practices used by some sides as a pretext to achieve demands, stressing that vandalism, blocking of roads and intimidation of citizens lead nowhere and achieve no agenda, and those who stage them will be brought to justice and held accountable, since “we live in a state of law and institutions”.

The US State Department condemned the attack during a daily Press briefing in Washington.

“We obviously strongly condemn the attack with an explosive device that killed one police officer and critically injured another in Bahrain,” said spokeswoman Victoria Nuland. …more

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