…from beneath the crooked bough, witness 230 years of brutal tyranny by the al Khalifas come to an end
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Obama’s failed policies in Bahrain put Women and Children in rapacious regime prisons

Bahraini forces arrest 10 including woman, children
16 October, 2012 – Shia Post

Around 10 citizens were arrested on Sunday and 2 were injured in attacks by regime forces. The forces used excessive force subjecting 23 areas to collective punishment, 6 places including houses were raided.

The internationally banned weapon, Birdshot was used heavily, along with disproportionate use of toxic teargas in neighborhoods, causing asphyxiation between citizens even in their homes.

As usual, the forces chose pre-dawn hours to raid citizens’ homes in order terrorize households and perpetrate more violations including beatings, vandalism and robbery. A number of houses were reported to have been raided and children and wanted persons were arrested.

Protests and demonstrations went on in different areas across Bahrain including: Manama, Dair, Sitra, JidAli, Kawara, Tubli, Aali, Buri, Saar, Bani-Jamra, Shakhoura, Dar-Kulaib, Saddad, Shahrakan, Nabih Saleh, Bilad Qadeem, Ma’ameer, Eker, Nuwaidrat, Jablat Habshi, Jufair.

Most protests were violently attacked and suppressed with excessive force punishing citizens for practicing their right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

The demonstrations denounced the official summon to al-Wefaq secretary general, Sheikh Ali Salman and the insults to Sheikh Issa Qassim, warning of its consequences. These protests carried messages of warning of the regime’s persistence to the suppressive security solution that has done no good to anyone.

A medical staff working at Salmaniya hospital was arrested on Sunday, at a checkpoint when the forces found ‘Kerosene’ in her car. She had used it in a family trip a few days ago, but the forces did not give her the chance to explain, as everything could be turned into an accusation that could lead to jail, in a police-state ruled and controlled by the military.

The forces also arrested a number of children from bed during illegal dawn house raids in Issa-Town. Their families were neither shown legal warrants nor given any reasons for the raids and arrests. …source

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