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US Press continues to proiferate unsubstainiated stories of Bahran anti-regime ‘intelligence contact’ with Iran and Hezbollah

Can someone please explain what the crime is in contact with Iran and Hezbollah. The Bahrain Regime has yet to release of publish verifiable evidence of crimes of sedition regarding the detained in Bahrain. Until they do so the press should be demanding proof not proliferating bull-shit. Phlipn -out.

Bahrain says uprising leaders had contact with Iran, Hezbollah
by Andrew Hammond – 4 September, 2012 – Reuters

(Reuters) – Leaders of a Bahraini uprising last year, whose prison sentences were upheld by a court on Tuesday, were in “intelligence contact” with Iran and its Lebanese ally Hezbollah, a public prosecution official said on Tuesday.

“It is established clearly to us from this verdict that some of the accused had relations and strived to have relations and intelligence contacts with a foreign organization, which is Hezbollah, which works in the interests of Iran,” Wael Boualai told a news conference, in comments carried by state media.

Six of the 20 men whose sentences were upheld were found guilty of “intelligence contacts with foreign bodies”. They were also jailed for offences including trying to overturn the system of government and violating the constitution. The 20 deny all charges against them, saying they wanted only democratic reform. …source

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