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The al-Saud blacklist transcends MENA borders

Bahrain Rights Activist Denied Entry to Egypt
27 August, 2012 – POMED

Prominent Bahraini opposition activist, Maryam al-Khawaja, was denied entry into Egypt Sunday. Khawaja, daughter of human rights activist Abdulhadi al-Khawaja who was sentenced to life in prison for his in role in last year’s uprising, has been an outspoken critic of Bahrain’s government and has accused Arab governments of “continuing repressive security cooperation despite political change in the region,” according to Reuters. An Egyptian airport official said Khawaja’s name was on a list of people who have been denied entry at the airport, and that “The ban is based on a memorandum from the national security authorities.” Khawaja told Reuters, “We’ve been having problems with Bahraini activists getting into Egypt for years. We thought with the revolution it would change, but it hasn’t.”

Additionally, Bahrain’s International Affairs Authority (IAA) denied reports of the resignation of John Yates, Senior Policy Adviser to the Ministry of Interior. While Yates’ initial contract expired in July, the IAA stated that “he remains as an important adviser to the Minister of Interior, overseeing police code of conduct and implementation of reform measures.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Yemen, security forces report that a gunman opened fire on protesters at a sit-in in Taiz Sunday, killing one. Activist Shaher Mohammed Saeed says he heard and saw gunshots from a white pick-up truck driving past protest tents in Taiz at dawn. The protests are calling for reform related to last year’s uprising that outed Yemen’s long-time president.

Elsewhere, Kuwait’s opposition announced plans for a public gathering on Monday evening as it seeks to exert public pressure on the government to reverse its decision to consult the constitutional court on the constitutionality of the controversial electoral law that changes the constituency system and the number of candidates each voter is able to elect. Several political groups and ex-lawmakers said they would take part, hoping to see reforms that include an elected government and the growth of political parties. …source

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