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Bahrain Regime intensitifes efforts to “choke off” potential funds to opposition groups

NGOs urged to comply with foreign funds rule in Bahrain
22 June, 2012 -By Habib Toumi

Bahrain’s social development minister has urged all local societies, organisations, clubs and foundations to comply with the law regulation obtaining funds from abroad or sending money overseas.

“The law clearly specifies that sending or receiving funds from abroad requires the approval of the ministry, and while societies in general have upheld the rules, others have failed to report the transactions,” Fatima Al Beloushi said.

“We urge all NGOs to cooperate positively with the ministry on the laws regulating across the border funds and to obtain the required clearance from the ministry before they send or receive foreign funds,” she said.

Al Beloushi did not name the NGOs that did not comply with the 1989 rule that bars financial transactions with foreign entities without the ministry’s approval, but said that the authorities have discovered cases of individual members receiving funds from abroad.

“The commitment of the adherents is not less significant than that of their societies, especially in the movement of suspicious funds across the borders,” she said.

Al Beloushi, the second woman minister to be given a portfolio in the government, said that the Bahraini authorities were tracking transfers as part of the policy to combat financing terrorism or facilitating money laundering. …more

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