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Bloody F1 circuit meets it’s demise – Anonymous hacks Montreal F1 data

Anonymous hacks F1 data, threatens ticket holders
31 May, 2012 – ctvmontreal.ca

MONTREAL — Anonymous seems to have followed through with its threat to target next week’s Formula One race, with the personal information of 131 ticket holders being leaked by the hacker collective late Wednesday.

Angered by the emergency legislation passed by the Charest Liberals on May 18, Anonymous has been linked to a wave of attacks that has overwhelmed websites operated by the Quebec government. In recent days, it turned its attention to the June 8 Grand Prix weekend.

Threatening to “wreck anything F1-related,” the activist group released the names, email addresses and phone numbers of the ticket holders.

In a post accompanying the data, the group warned, “Today, Anonymous reminds us of the importance of sportsmanship, which you have debased with your corrupt and authoritarian society.”

According to some of the individuals targeted by the hacker group, they were sent personal emails by Anonymous warning them to avoid attending the race. Citing earlier protest against an F1 race in Bahrain, the group threatened to upend the race, expected to be attended by as many as 300,000.

Coming after over 100 days of protests against a plan by the ruling Liberal Party to raise tuition by 82 per cent, the hacker group has pledged to attack the province due to the “lack of respect for people’s equality and liberty.” Thousands have been arrested in nightly protests and under Bill 78, spontaneous protests are all but banned. …more

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